The Vine trimmers are composed of individual knife blades fixed on a special multi-ply vee-guide belt which rotates against fixed blade sections. This system assures a quality cut of all canes with the ability of fast ground travel without imparting viberstion to the berries. This cutting action allows pre-harvest trimming without the fear of shaking your crop on the ground; like current standard recipericating trimmer do.


  1. Maintenance-free, the cutting knives are cleaned and sharpened automatically when they come in contact with the stationary blades.
  2. A special rotary-lifter attached to the cutter bar gathers up low-lying canes
  3. Proper belt tension is a must; and very easily accomplished with a simple tensionner screw adjustment. The proper tension will track the belt correctly, not allowing the blades expand outwardly, hitting the frame or insides of the guard covers
  4. In the event of hitting a non-movable object the cutter bars rotate out of the way with a break-away spring; or allow the drive belt to slip and not damage the motor or cutter blades.
  5. Hydraulic oil requirements are just 6/ GPM or usually what most tractors have available at the least
  6. The Cutter Bars and Bar Frames are easilly mounted on all tractors and are quickly removable, allowing your tractor to be used for something else during the remainder of the year. Although most growers leave the cutters on all year.
  7. The Cutter Bar Frame moves the cutter bars up/ down and in/ out for vineyard adjustment from the tractor seat; Standard tractor. (or with optional remote electrical valve assembly- Cab Tractors)