The AIM TWIN BIN PICKING TRAILERS are used for hand harvest of grapes and similar crops. Each bin holds approximately 2,200 pounds of grapes in it's 50 cubic-foot capacity.

These twin bins can be used for machine harvest of grapes with narrow row spacings or under low yield conditions. Optional wide axles can be reversed for opening tomato fields and harvesting other row crops.  



  1. 4 x 3 x 3/8 angle iron frame
  2. Reversable axle
  3. Compatible with forklift mounted roll-over dumpers
  4. Each bin has 50 cubic foot capacity
  5. Rear Hitch is standard for pulling two trailers at  a time
  6. Bins are made from 10 ga. steel with 2" square solid steel dumper lift shaft and roll over stub.


      1.  Complete bin roll-over devise for dumping above bins

      2.  Heavy Duty tubular steel frame dumper

      3.  Complete with two- 2" bore hydraulic cylinders

      4.  Ready to mount on your forklift mast carriage (where the forks mount)

      5.  Completely plumbed

      6.  Twin hose hydraulic reel- optional

      7.  Remote electric shift valve for operating dumper from a 2 function 

           hyudraulicly operated forklift- optional