The pre-prunner or pruning machine is operated by one person, and utilizing a unique cutting mechanism to pre-prune vine cane growth off one to two rows of vineyard trellis wire without damage to the vines or trellis system. The pre-prunner can be attached to a standard vineyard tractor or tracklayer tractor to accommodate wet winter ground.

The unique cutting elements can be arranged in many configurations to work in a wide variety of trellis types. Three basic heads are available- one for vertical type trellis system, one for Concord-trellis and one for trellis that have cross-arms as wide as 42", including quad systems.

The pre-prunner's will cover one to three acres per hour/ per head, depending upon row spacing and vineyard conditions. Average tractor speed is 1.5 to 3.5 MPH. The pre-prunner is sold with its own self-contained electro-hydraulic system. The cutter/ mulching discs roll through the trellis and pre-prune off all canes above the level of the bottom cutter; only canes growing vertical will be pruned off. Vineyard trellis wire, running horizontally, will flow over or under the cutter disc without marking or cutting the wires.

These pre-prunner are produced in the United States of America and are specially designed for vigorous vineyards.  Our Engineering staff will help you with your specifics needs.