All shear models offer ergonomic, user-friendly grips for exceptional comfort and ease of operation. They can perform multiple cuts through tough wood quickly and easily to yield greater efficacy and productivity.

AIM offers three shear models (click on the name for more info):

       The smaller models are light-weight, extremely maneuverable and provide the required power with virtually minimal physical force. This makes pruning easier and more productive that with other traditional pruners.

       The larger models are still light- weight yet offer the power necessary for larger pruning cuts. Operating hand force is also minimal. Maneuverability of the larger models is enhanced by the customized hose assembly.

        Whether powered by a three- point PTO hydraulic pump on a tractor or an independent hydraulic power unit, multiple in its (1-12) can function from a single hydraulic power supply. The problem of carrying, maintaining and charging batteries along with the cutting power limitations inherent to battery powered units is eliminated.

        The unique feature of placing the high-pressure delivery hose inside of the low pressure return hose eliminates the complication of two separate, thick hoses.

        Maintenance is reduced by only having the outer hose exposed to the operating environment. The "hose within- a-hose" concept allows for each hose end to have complete and continuous swivel capabilities. The OD hose is 3/4 (0.75) inch for all models.