AGG 130 With Outriggers

     The AIM HALF SIZE GONDOLA is specially designed to fit vineyard rows down to 8 ft. wide and still have a 3.5 ton payload. The frame and bucket are narrow enough to fit into VERTICAL TRELLIS  systems on 8 ft. row spacing.  Special outriggers are hydraulically sequenced to provide safety and stability during the dumping cycle. Wheel track can be easily changed by sliding the adjustable axles in or out. Dumping height is 10 feet above the ground to accommodate trucks with grape top tanks.

       The unit is normally pulled by a 40 HP or larger tractor which also supplies the hydraulic power for dumping. Only one pair of remote hydraulic quick couplers are required for operation. Unit is shipped complete with tires, wheels, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, sequence valve, and quick-couplers.

1.  Heavy-duty 6 x 3 structural steel tube frame

2.  Bucket capacity of 135 cu. ft. or 3.5 tons of grapes

3.  12 ga. steel bucket with double welded seams

4.  4 x 60 lifting and 4 x 24 outrigger rams- all with 2" chrome rods

5.  13.5 x 16.1, 10 ply diamond tread tires

6.  Tongue jack for easy hook-up

7.  Weight- 3850 lbs empty