1. Structural tube frame
  2. Will operate in a 6 foot row spacing
  3. Side mounted Engine and Hydraulics creates a low center of gravity with easy servicing from the ground
  4. Automatic hydraulic leveling 28 inches from side to side
  5. Quick responce steering with sharp steering angle for tight turns
  6. 96 inch wide track for stability
  7. Large capicity fuel tank for allowing run time of up[ to 24+ hours
  8. Cummins 6- cylinder turbo-charged engine which operates at 1900-2000 RPM for manimum fuel efficiency
  9. 110 amp alternator

     10. L & M heavy duty radiator and oil cooler with Mesabi cores which are   

           field repairable  


  1. Full 4-Wheel hydrostaticdrive in hi and low range
  2. On the Go shift low- high or vice/ versa
  3. Electronic traction control valve for all 4 wheels
  4. Electric actuated hydrauylic control valves

      5. Closed center steering, leveling  systems


      1.  Extended length collection system -13 collector wings each side

      2.  Heavy gauage stainless steel conveyors with UHMW wear strips

      3.  AIM Quick-adjust belt tensioner system on all conveyors

      4.  PVC belts woven fabric reinforced with centering v-guide on bottom

Picking Head

      1.  Aim Bow Rod Head