A.I.M. (Ag Industrial Manufacturing Inc.) was formed in December 1979. The Corporation was originally formed for custom grape harvesting. After several years we weren't able to find a commercially manufactured grape harvester that would hold together and work properly, so we built our own. Paul Burkner, Charles Burkner and Claude Brown were the founding stockholders of the Corporation.

In December 1980, we teamed with FMC to develop a new concept of grape harvester and grape picking head. FMC faded from the grape business in 1983. Aim went on to develop the current version for the Force Balance Grape Shaker Head and our new GH9000 harvester in 1989.

Over the years, in addition to grape harvester, Aim has developed and built: Radish harvesters, chrysanthemum flower harvesters, coffee harvesters, guayule harvesters, patchouli harvesters, dichondra seed harvesters, tomato vine diverters, vineyard pre-pruners, vineyard vine trimmers, vineyard brush rakes, grape gondolas, tractor saddle tanks, chemical applicators, twin bin picking trailers, hydraulic pruning shears, movable highway barrier mover, steam leaf removal machine and many pieces of custom equipment; some of which are confidential and not disclosable to the public.

  • AIM also is a supplier of parts to the Mining Industry. Aim manufactures parts for slurry/ flow control valves, flotation units, and hydro-cyclone parts.
  • Aim is a manufacturer of tooling for the rubber, plastic and polyurethane industry. (molds and fixtures)
  • Aim continues to design and develop new products for our customers;